Volunteering with us

Highest value known to the man kind is giving. And the best way of giving is offering volunteering service with your skills that benefit blinds. Please remember dedication of your valuable time can change a blinds life. We receive several requests from our blind friends who need assistance in unavoidable circumstances

Writing exams: During examinations, blind persons are permitted to dictate the answers, which you can
write down in the answer sheets. The work involves fairly good handwriting, faith, accuracy and may be 3-4 hours of your time.

Writing projects – On similar lines, you can assist a blind person by taking down dictation and writing a

Other modes of help are:

– Personal assistance during the day to accomplish important tasks,

– Reading books / sighting hand written materials etc

You can volunteer with us for various tasks that surface time to time. Activities vary from one to other in scope and need different amount of time. Depending on your free time and availability, you could spend an hour a week or care for the blind persons over a few months. It is flexible.

However before offering volunteering services to blinds individuals you must need specific training that
provide you understanding about blind people and challenges that they face. It will enable you to be
effective wile assisting specific individuals. For example: a child need a different approach from the teenage to that as for the college going student and it will again differ from gender to gender etc. in another words To make the volunteering experience more effective, we have training programs that follow a structured approach.

We encourage you to enroll as volunteer