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The onset of blindness or visual impairment has an enormous impact on every aspect of an individual’s life. The consequences are felt both personally and vocationally.

In general, vision loss affects ability to perform the activities of daily life, travel independently, and obtain and utilize information, all of which are crucial skills needed for success both on the job and in one’s personal life.

Teaching alternative methods to accomplish these essential tasks is at the core of our rehabilitation programme. These include training on daily living skills that suit your age, gender and specific requirements. You should be able to live a near-normal life. Here are a few real life scenarios.

Mother, father, Student or a Senior citizen:

Lakhs of blind mothers and fathers have had babies from beginning of time. Most of them have made a success out of it. Except that they could not actually see, they were and are as excellent parents as a sighted person.

A blind parent needs just two things – throw out doubts and self-pity if any. Secondly, may be a short course in child care. Considering that mothers who can see too spend restless days and enrol themselves for special classes about child care, a tailor-made course for the blind is nothing unusual.

A blind student has to learn to listen than read, punch than write. Using accessibility technology, students can listen to ‘talking screens.’ A special kind of software will ‘read out’ the matter on a computer for you. Typing out matter on computer is similarly a skill that you can learn. You require belief in yourself – ‘yes I can do it’ attitude and practice.

Senior citizens have the advantage of lifetime experience and wisdom to help them to cope with blindness. You have to just teach yourself how to do a thing differently. For instance you would count money through touch and feel instead of seeing the numbers on the currency notes or coins.

There is a big word for this; it called ‘Alternative Methods,’ but in practice, the methods are simple and it will take just a few days to pick up.

Tapasya Makes it Easy:

Tapasya Trust is devoted to making life normal for blind people.  We have learnt from other blind persons. In fact, even today we continue to acquire new tips from other blind persons. We have put quite an amount of knowledge, experience and tricks together.

We will be more than happy to share all this experience with you, meaning you need not reinvent the wheel. You need not waste days in rediscovering alternative methods which are already helping the blind.

Get in touch with us right away – You can live a normal life.

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