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We train blind persons to be successful. We help sightless or partially blind persons to learn new skills. In case of people who have lost vision sometime later in life, we facilitate to relearn their abilities in a different environment that is accessible to them.
You can also join us in bringing change in once shattered life by contributing or funding any of the below activities individually:

  • Sponsor a cataract operation INR 5500/-
  • Sponsor a specs to school going child INR 350 /-
  • Rehabilitation: Independent living (3 months INR 5500/-
  • Training: Computer / job linked training programme (3 months) INR6000/-
  • Scholarship: Education of a blind child INR 5000/-
  • Donate: Donate a white cane & a kit with us INR 500/-
  • Monthly contribution INR 500/-
  • I like to sponsor a cataract operation INR 5500/-
  • I like to sponsor a specs to school going child INR 300/-
  • Kind: Computers, vehicle, Laptops & MP3 players etc. (Please contact us.)

All donations can be made through online transfer, cheques and demand drafts in the favor of Tapasya Charitable Trust.

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