Lost vision? Regain Your Life Now.

– Partially sighted means person having very limited vision.
– Blindness means nil vision and even perception of light is absent.

Whatever is the case, your increased dependency on your family members for your daily living, creates
discomfort. Mobility, access to information, social living, education, and livelihood, opportunities in life-everything in life comes to stand still. Recreation, self esteem, and dignity too may vanish.

In addition to this, society at large wrongly believes that blind persons are a liability to family and
community. Some people feel that blind people need to be cared for throughout their life. In the olden
days, this was one of the main reasons why life was difficult for people who could not see.

The situation has changed for the present generation. Your life has every bright chance that you rightly
deserve, provided you are willing to go the extra mile.

Tapasya Charitable Trust strongly believes that life has got answers for every problem, particularly so for blind people, who want to lead confident and independent life. There are many sterling examples of blind people who have won the battle against sightloss.

Late Pt. Puttaraj Gawai is one of the greatest seers of modern India. He lost his vision when a boy but went on to learn classical music and could play violin, table, harmonium, and over 15 other musical instruments.
His singing was simply divine; melodious, traditionally perfect, and filled heart of every listener with pure love and hope. Pt. Gawai founded and led a great mutt and helped blind people to acquire education.
Today lakhs of blind people are educated, are employed, and lead independent lives, because of this great

Another braver; Charudatta Jadhav is a visually challenged IT professional; he has shown that chess is game that blind can play as well as people with sight. He has invented chess software for the blind. Marla Runyan was legally blind but raced to eighth place in 1,500-meter in the 2000 Sydney Olympics; and holds American women’s record for that event.

If you are keen and eager, you can set aside the so called handicap now. It does not matter when you lost
vision that is from birth or later in life. Knowledge and technology have developed so much that it enables
a blind person to access information independently. Today the advancement in technology has opened
several job opportunities for educated blinds and as a result, they are now earning their livelihood and
supporting their families comfortably.

Tapasya Trust has developed training programmes that help you to get back to your job effectively. Or you
can take up a fresh job after getting trained at our center. Alternatively, if you want to be self-employed, you can opt for customized trainings based on your interest.

Please note: This programmes vary from profession to profession, but we would still encourage you to get
in touch with us for case to case guidance.

We are Trainers, Not Employers:

We are not employers, nor do we promise to get you jobs. We provide you specific education and special
training that makes you fit to secure suitable jobs in public or private sectors or be self-employed. The
training is absolutely free. Some of us managing the Tapasya trust have personal experience with blindness and we have challengingly rebuilt our lives.

Get in touch with us now; learn from our experience, and return to your own successful world.

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