Learn what other blinds are doing today

“Information Technology has provided various tools such as personal computers, note-takers etc. For persons with vision loss, These tools have provided comprehensive solution to the reading and writing problems in educated blinds. The computers, used by blinds, are not different from those used in the work environment for performing various job processes. This essentially means that persons with blindness can work on various jobs effectively where extensive reading and writing is involved and where there is a scope of using the computer for such reading and writing. Many of such jobs traditionally were considered unsuitable for blinds.
Having the computer and the new technology in hand, the blind can now work in the following areas effectively:

  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • IT Profession
  • Tourism
  • Journalism
  • Human Resource Management and Welfare
  • Teaching
  • Profession of Law
  • Personnel Management
  • Librarian
  • Office Assistant
  • Banking ETC

Technically speaking blind can now take up several jobs that are computer based, and with the help of other essential equipments / software’s that are specially designed for blinds.”

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