Android for blind

Android is one of the most popular operating system that is found in smart phones and is easily available in the market. Unlike Windows, Android operating system is source free and it is owned by google.Some of the most familiar companies are Samsung, Sony, and Motorola etc. these life changing Gadgets are so commonly used that no one is untouched, right from calling to checking mails, planning travel, navigation, booking tickets, health & fitness, shopping, education, entertainment, gaming and many creative activities that are possible today.This technology is driven with several applications known as “apps” that are available on android market. Some are free to download and use and others are available on purchase. These apps can be downloadable based on your interest and requirement, for example Facebook, Skype, games etc…

Because of its utility this is need of the day. The good news is that a blind and low vision can also use this easily and effectively. Now you can enable the accessibility feature based on your disability. Before we enable accessibility feature let me tell you that you should plan for android version 4 and above for its maximum benefit. As you know: these gadgets are operated through touch screen and not through mechanical keyboards like your traditional phones and computers. Generally all android Devices will use these step to enable the accessibility feature, but it might slightly vary depending on the model of the device. The nice part is that you do not have to pay any additional cost to own screen reading software.

Now let’s follow below steps to enable accessibility feature on your device. Note: to enable the built in screen riding software on your android you might need sighted assistance,since the device is still on visual mode.

  • Step 1: First go to apps and then in apps select the settings icon
  • Step 2:Scroll down to accessibility and tap to open
  • Step 3:when you are in accessibility, scroll down to talkback and select to activate.
  • Step4: In talkback screen look at top and on the gray shaded switch
  • Step5: After the switch turns green and you will hear “Use talkback?” in that box select OK
  • Step6: after selecting ok on the previous screen, scroll down to settings.
  • Step7: In the settings choose the volume and the pitch or if you want you may add additional settings. After setting up pitch and volume go back to accessibility home page and scroll down to text-to-speech output, here you can change the voices to your comfort. After you customize your talkback settings, your phone is now fully functional for your use.

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